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Is Solar Energy Right for Your Operation?

As we enter a new decade, and with all the changes we have had so far, one thing that we know will be a constant is increasing energy costs. Companies like AEP/PSO have already announced their increase in rates for 2021 on par with their historical 7.6% increases.

Until recently, there wasn’t an option to change where you get your energy from. You were stuck in a cycle of renting your power from a company that can increase your costs at will. Tulsa Solar Co. allows both residential and commercial operations to generate their own power, take control of that ever-increasing cost, and lower your electric bill by 10-50%, depending on usage.

How We Help

At Tulsa Solar Co., we are passionate about helping businesses switch to a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly energy source. Our engineers will create a custom design based on your factory or business’s energy needs and layout. We give you a clear picture of the installation cost and long-term benefits. Talk to our experts to make an informed decision.

Solar PV on Industrial Roof with Exhaust Duct Chimneys

Qualify for a 26% Federal Credit Tax

10-50% Lower Bills

Reduce your business’s electricity bills by 10-50% based on usage with Encor Solar Tulsa.

Accelerated Depreciation

Incentivize investment in solar power systems with 26% federal credit tax and take advantage of accelerated depreciation.

Enhance Efficiency

Enhance your business energy efficiency at lower operation costs. Invest in solar energy for long-term results.

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